Micro-segmented audiences by date of purchase, loyalty status, catalogue and a long etcetera, to segment your database and direct the right campaign to the right customer at the right time.

AI Audience

Personalised audiences with Artificial Intelligence: Increase the ROAS of your advertising campaigns by impacting the right customers. Intelia is able to automatically generate audiences with the most relevant customers to your campaign, to multiply the return on your marketing investment (ROAS) and make your customers fall in love with you. Maximise the profitability of your customer database with the only automatic audience generation AI on the market. Simply type in the product or family you want to advertise and the AI will tell you which customers are best suited to receive the campaign.

Omni-channel Audiences

Integrates with your online and offline sales channels and also allows you to import any file with relevant data and generate winning audiences with that data.

Manual Audience

Our audience system also allows you to manually segment your brand’s user database with socio-demographic, behavioural or personalised criteria.

Segmented communications

Launch more effective communications and campaigns to the right customers who are most likely to buy, aligning your strategy to the right stage of the funnel. Improve the profitability of advertising campaigns by email, SMS, Facebook or Google, among other channels. A fundamental ally for remarketing, let AI decide the ideal customers for your campaign based on their interests and interaction with your products.


Horizontal software adapted to different sectors


Increase your e-commerce turnover with cross-selling, loyalty, membership and audiences.


Connect your ordering website with your restaurants, and delivery apps, for more turnover and better customer service.

Physical shop

Increase the turnover of your business with omni-channel recommendations and loyalty in your physical shops as well as on the web and app.


We help your employees to make better pharmacy recommendations in a simple and automatic way.

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