Customer Data Platform

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All your data is unified and ready for action!

Our CDP is designed to be your company’s data warehouse by combining different data sources, storing, processing and actioning them to increase your turnover and profitability.

Unified catalogue

All your products in one place, enabled or disabled based on sales channel. Create new products easily, add attributes, characteristics, stock, logistic data, codes, etc. and activate them easily in your e-commerce, in all your shops, or only in those of a specific area!

Unified sales

Can you imagine being able to see at a glance how sales are going in all your channels? That’s what it’s all about, easily control any pending or cancelled order in any channel or shop and act quickly to avoid losing a single sale.

Unified customer

All your valuable customer information in one place. All socio-demographic data connected to your CRM or running as one. It also includes the omni-channel history of each customer thanks to which the system knows what they buy, when and through which channels, so that artificial intelligence can work for you and generate ultra-personalised recommendations, a guarantee of success!

Data conditioning

With all this information from the CDP, our full funnel activation works each stage of the sales funnel and allows you to:


Increase the recurrence of your customers


Turn them into ambassadors of your brand


Create more profitable campaigns


Recommend them the right product at the right time

Business Intelligence

Visualising the most valuable data for decision making


Horizontal software adapted to different sectors


Increase your e-commerce turnover with cross-selling, loyalty, membership and audiences.


Connect your ordering website with your restaurants, and delivery apps, for more turnover and better customer service.

Physical shop

Increase the turnover of your business with omni-channel recommendations and loyalty in your physical shops as well as on the web and app.


We help your employees to make better pharmacy recommendations in a simple and automatic way.

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