Town Councils

Helps local commerce to stay alive

Build customer loyalty in small businesses and generate your own database to communicate with them.


With the loyalty programme for small businesses, we will increase the customer return.

Through this programme, customers can earn points that can be exchanged for gifts or discounts to encourage recurrence in local establishments.


Your own database for communications.

Thanks to this database, local citizens will be able to receive communications from the town council itself as well as campaigns from member businesses. In this way, we bring the actions carried out closer to the community, facilitating direct communication with citizens.


Segmenting citizens for effective communications.

With the audiences that can be generated with Intelia CDP we can offer more relevant information to each citizen.


Unify all merchant and customer data.

With Intelia CDP you will be able to unify all customer data whether they have interacted with the city’s retailer’s website or with the physical shop.

All managed by professionals that will keep the project alive

Thanks to our knowledge of the market, we have detected that this type of action must be managed by professionals in order to achieve the expected results. Therefore, everything will be managed by a communication agency that will be in direct contact with the council and the representatives of the shops to coordinate the project effectively.

Build loyalty with all customers, new and existing