Retail and physical shops

Use customer information in an omni-channel way

Give recommendations to each customer based on attributes and features of your catalogue and offer them the product they want and all the right accessories at the right time to make the purchase, and thus increase the sales ticket of your retail and physical shop or e-commerce.

Give recommendations to all your customers (known or unknown) based on the factors that best align with your objectives

Surprise your customers with fully personalised recommendations based on their tastes and preferences.

Connect with Amazon and unify your sales data

We connect with marketplaces such as Amazon to show you at a glance and through our dashboard, all the KPIs of your business in an omni-channel way.

Get your employees to recommend, sell more, and sell better

Reward top referrers and make it easy for them to recommend the right product to the right customer at the right time.

Enhance click and collect to give customers a 360° customer experience

The rise of the ROPO effect (search online and buy offline) is unstoppable and your business needs to get on board as soon as possible by facilitating online shopping connected to in-store collection.

Build customer loyalty and make them fall in love with your brand.

Make your customers fall in love with your brand and become returning customers by offering them rewards that grow as their consumption grows.

Segment your customer database for more cost-effective marketing campaigns