Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers by allowing your most loyal customers to be your ambassadors.

Earn points for registering

The customer earns points for each friend who registers on your website or in your shop, and if their friend buys, the customer earns more points.

They join the loyalty club

The friend who has registered also earns points for their registration and gets a discount for their first order, thus encouraging them to buy and become a customer of the brand as soon as possible. Once a new customer joins the loyalty club, they will repeat and buy again.

We promote word of mouth

We boost word of mouth and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. As we all know, it costs 7 times less to acquire a customer who comes recommended by another customer. That’s the magic of a good referral system. You will see your customers grow effortlessly, and almost without noticing it!

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors!

The best influencer is a satisfied customer, no matter how many followers they have, the important thing is that their friends are like-minded towards your brand.


Horizontal software adapted to different sectors


Increase your e-commerce turnover with cross-selling, loyalty, membership and audiences.


Connect your ordering website with your restaurants, and delivery apps, for more turnover and better customer service.

Physical shop

Increase the turnover of your business with omni-channel recommendations and loyalty in your physical shops as well as on the web and app.


We help your employees to make better pharmacy recommendations in a simple and automatic way.

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