Points and rewards system based on user consumption to increase recurrence and increase the sales ticket.

Increase recurrence

Increase the recurrence of your customers and make them fall in love with you every time. Give your most profitable and important customers an omni-channel loyalty programme to increase their engagement ON and OFF. With this careful loyalty programme we generate customer recurrence to the web and to the physical stores, so that they come back again and again and always have your brand in their minds, surpassing your competition!

Customers earn points

Customers earn points for buying your products, every euro the customer earns is converted into a point, encouraging the customer to want to spend more.

Loyalty rewards

You generate prizes and experiences that customers can redeem with the points earned and can even send points to a friend for a very special gift.

Loyalty by levels

NEW! Includes Starbucks and Shein-style loyalty level system, so your customers fight to stay at the highest level. You can name the levels according to what fits best with your business. Turn unknown customers into acquaintances so that they become more engaged with your brand and you can impact them with personalised campaigns.

Build loyalty offline

Build loyalty with offline customers who visit your physical shops, as easy as scanning a QR code! With our innovative QR registration system, increase your customer database without the intervention of shop staff. It allows you to give points and rewards in-store in a very agile and frictionless way. Enable employees to make personalised in-store recommendations – it’s time to bring omni-channel consistency to your brand and your customers!


Horizontal software adapted to different sectors


Increase your e-commerce turnover with cross-selling, loyalty, membership and audiences.


Connect your ordering website with your restaurants, and delivery apps, for more turnover and better customer service.

Physical shop

Increase the turnover of your business with omni-channel recommendations and loyalty in your physical shops as well as on the web and app.


We help your employees to make better pharmacy recommendations in a simple and automatic way.

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